020202 Palvelut Oy

020202 Palvelut Oy

02 award-winning customer service continues to improve – in cooperation with Fluentia

020202, which offers contact information search services, wants to invest in quality. Therefore, they turned to Fluentia to renew their information retrieval system of their customer service representatives.

Retrieving contacts, transferring calls, ordering taxis and sending text messages. These are some of the tasks that make up the workdays of customer service representatives at 020202 Palvelut Oy, also known as 02.

When the system that had been assisting customer service representatives since its introduction in 2005 was coming to an end, there was a desire to invest in a new system. The goal was to ensure it would serve the needs of 02's customer service representatives well into the future.

"Our strategic goal was to get an easy-to-use tool and workstation – something that you could almost take straight off the shelf for the customer service representative", says Mika Salminen, Head of ICT at 02.‍

As this was a significant, long-term investment, 02 chose the quality-oriented software company Fluentia as their partner.

New system at the heart of customer service representatives' daily work

02 has won numerous telephone service competitions and aims to continue improving the level of customer service in the future. The speed and reliability of searches are extremely important to 02.

User-friendliness was key when creating the tool. With over 150 customer service representatives, the system needs to cater to a variety of users and needs, such as font size and dark mode.

In addition, the reform has brought other benefits.

"With the new system, annual cost savings amount to tens of thousands of euros. Operations have become more efficient and easier", says Salminen

A software project with exceptionally smooth collaboration

The collaborative project presented Fluentia with enjoyable challenges.

"The system was adapted in detail to the customer service representatives' process", says Risto, Fluentia's Senior Software Developer. "Results needed to be displayed quickly and conveyed to the caller, and with the press of a single key, the system could perform multiple tasks. This, among other things, made the entire project interesting."
"The search engine performs complex searches to quickly find the right people. Search results need to be expanded and refined during the call, on the fly", summarizes Fluentia's CTO Tomi Leppälahti.

In addition, the system needed to be absolutely reliable in every situation.

"We even had to prepare for scenarios of a submarine cable somewhere to break."

The new system is powered by Elasticsearch, and integrations have been built with 02's other tools. To address potential issues at the technological level, so that, for example, if new indexes cannot be built during a problem situation, information retrieval can still be performed using old indexes.

The smooth collaboration was a particular highlight of the project – for both 02 and Fluentia.

"The client seemed to trust me and my expertise. I had the freedom to advance the aspects I considered most important, based on my professional skills and pride", says Risto.

Learn more about the customer: https://www.020202.fi/en

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