We are Fluentia – expert in custom software design

Fluentia is a digital development enabler and the most customer oriented actor in the field. We provide our customers with fluent and flexible services and solutions based on their specific business needs. Our specialists have experience from hundreds of customer projects with modern technology solutions, and are skilled in interpreting and adapting to customer preferences.

Our service model covers the whole life cycle of customer's software, from definition to development, maintenance and support.

Our services

Fluentia Flex

Flexible expert services tailored to your needs. Our Fluentia Flex service model enables flexible purchasing of our expert services, including the utilization of specialized expert services. This makes managing your budget easier and more predictable.

Fluentia Platforms

GenAI, Low-Code development, and intelligent automation based on strong platform solutions. By integrating Low-Code solutions, we offer an efficient way to develop, maintain, and expand applications that support your business. We also provide hybrid development, which ensures that the benefits of Low-Code are retained even when pure Low-Code solutions cannot be utilized in the development.

Fluentia Care

Our Fluentia Care service takes care of your IT investments throughout their life cycle. Our service package includes automatic monitoring, incident management, information security monitoring and maintenance and development of competence.

Service areas

Software design

Custom software design and purposeful utilization of platforms. Our developers have extensive experience, and our consultant network is wide guaranteeing successful development projects. We use modern technologies in our projects.

Intelligent automation, integrations and Low-Code development

We utilize platform solutions in our software development and integrations. They provide good tools for fault tolerance and scalability, among other things. As part of our solutions, we also leverage the Microsoft Power Platform's Low-Code environment. By utilizing the Low-Code platform, we help our customers streamline their business with automation and enable centralized data management for various processes. Our experienced developers ensure the integration of solutions into the broader system architecture. Platform solutions accelerate software development and reduce costs.

Data and data analytics

Efficient software development requires good data sources for support. We offer data management services to help your organization to determine, consolidate and to systematically manage your data.

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