Towards more efficient cloud services with Fluentia

Forerunner in construction productivity Aiforsite wanted to offer their customers the opportunity to use the service they have developed in the cloud environment of the customer's choice. With the help of Fluentia, a new, efficient and reliable hybrid cloud infrastructure was built for Aiforsite's employees to use.

Aiforsite brings data-driven management to construction sites

The mission of Aiforsite, a technology company in the construction industry, is to improve the construction productivity. Their AI-powered solution provides real-time situational awareness of the construction site, helping to stay on schedule and save costs. Information, data and their versatile management are the cornerstones of operations.

Aiforsite had long utilized cloud technology for efficient data management and ensuring the functionality of its solution. However, the problem arose when international customers had requirements for the cloud technology used, for which Aiforsite's single cloud offering was no longer sufficient.

In pursuit of cloud independence, Aiforsite wanted the best and most up-to-date expertise to support the implementation. Therefore, they turned to external expertise.

Seeking efficiency and independence with Fluentia’s help

Seeking the ability to deploy their service on different cloud platforms or in a traditional data center, Aiforsite enlisted the help of Fluentia, whose experts have diverse experience in containerized software development and cloud services. In collaboration with Aiforsite's technical experts, Fluentia's DevOps specialists, Tomi and Joona, set out to plan the necessary changes.

The project began with mapping the existing code and packaging it into Docker containers. A local environment was created for the development team, as well as an AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services cloud development environment, which included, for example, Terraform management of installations. This made development work more efficient in the long run. To further facilitate the work of developers and administrators, the technical platform was designed to scale as automatically as possible according to the workload. The Gitlab CI/CD service was also introduced, where automations were built from code compilation to deployment.

Initially, the intention was only to plan the necessary steps for Aiforsite, but soon Fluentia's experts were also involved in implementing the necessary code. Overall, the project lasted approximately four months.

Knowledge transfer from Fluentia to the client organization

The infrastructure implemented with the help of Fluentia has remained in Aiforsite's long-term use. An essential part of the project was also transferring knowledge and skills to Aiforsite's own employees alongside the development work.

Cooperation and the assimilation of new concepts went very well.

"Aiforsite's employees clearly had a strong enthusiasm for learning new things. It was nice to work with them", Joona says.

With the new infrastructure, Aiforsite has been able to create a more reliable solution for their customers in the construction industry. Independence from individual cloud providers offers long-term flexibility and operational reliability, and the system created with Fluentia enhances the further development of services. In addition, scalable resources bring savings in maintenance costs.

"Fluentia had a thorough understanding of our needs", says Aiforsite's Chief Technology Officer, Sami Kalliokoski. "They had a strong grasp of the necessary technologies and tools, and they were able to solve even the most challenging technical problems. Cooperation with Fluentia went smoothly and very well."

Fluentia is also pleased with the collaboration. They always know they have done their job well when the customer's operations become more efficient, reliability increases and profitability grows.

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