Industrial IoT

The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services, and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.

A large proportion of the world’s paper production is manufactured on Voith paper machines. A quarter of the energy generated worldwide from hydropower is produced with turbines and generators from Voith Hydro. Voith’s drive components are found in applications worldwide, both in industrial plants and in road and rail vehicles, as well as on the waters.

A world without paper? Unthinkable. Paper is an information carrier, an educational medium, a practical packaging material and an element of personal hygiene. Voith offers its customers technologies and services for the entire paper production process. Fluentia is speeding up Voith’s digitalization by developing the next generation IoT platform for efficient use of data and different user roles.

Fluentia is helping the Voith Group fuse tradition and innovation for success in the digital age

At the heart of the project has been Voith’s initiative to launch the digital twin for their paper mills. The overarching goal was to modernize legacy systems, enhance user experience and streamline business processes.

“Embark on a cutting-edge project integrating IIoT for digital transformation, leveraging both cloud and on-premises solutions in a hybrid environment. Our focus is on driving innovation at the intersection of industrial connectivity and digital technologies for unparalleled efficiency and insight.”

- Sathyamurthy Sundaram, Director, Digital Products & Services, Voith Group

The challenges:

Diverse Technologies: The project involves a multitude of technologies and platforms, requiring a deep understanding of various software stacks.

Coordination and Communication: Ensuring effective collaboration among distributed development teams, stakeholders, and internal departments.

Integration Complexity: Seamlessly integrating new solutions with existing systems while minimizing disruptions.

Agile Development: Adapting to an agile methodology to accommodate evolving requirements and deliver incremental value.

Drawing on agile methods and proficiency

Our approach has been to leverage the diverse skill set of our consultants to design comprehensive solutions that accommodated the project’s technological diversity. Embracing an agile development method allowed Fluentia to respond dynamically to evolving requirements. Regular sprint cycles and demonstrations has ensured continuous feedback loops, promoting a flexible and adaptive development process.

As a result, tapping into their vast know-how, Fluentia’s consultants have navigated the project’s technological landscape fluently. The collaborative journey modernizing Voith’s digital solutions continues on, and as a result our client is in excellent shape for sustained success in the competitive landscape of paper production.

"Our synergy with Fluentia transcends traditional consultancy; their experts seamlessly melded into our team, achieving results beyond expectations. Their strategic acumen, tech wizardry, and unwavering dedication propelled our success. The collective talent and problem-solving finesse of every Fluentian continue to impress. It's been years of a flourishing partnership, and we couldn't be happier!”

- Sathyamurthy Sundaram, Director, Digital Products & Services, Voith Group

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