Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd

Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd

Agility and clarity to data gathering, managing and reporting

Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd (FPP) is responsible for organizing the recycling of carton and paper packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging and wood packaging waste in Finland, enabling the collection, recycling, and reuse of packaging for both producers and consumers. FPP collaborates with waste management entities and authorities, and ensures that recycling targets for packaging are met and that recycling statistics are reliable and transparent.

The merger of four producer organizations of separate packaging materials under the name of Finnish Packaging Producers represented a need for standardizing reporting. Coincidentally, the organization saw also possibilities for leveraging digitalization and automating manual work. Based on this, the development of a new system for collecting, managing, and reporting recycling material data deemed essential for the business, was initiated.

Swift and cost effective software development with Microsoft platform solutions

Fluentia was chosen as a partner for the project. Microsoft Power Platform was selected as the technology. The platform's tools, such as Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI enable the development of agile business applications and automation to enhance company's business processes.

"Benefits of using the Microsoft platform are, for example, the possibility to centralize data management for various processes. Platform solutions also enable agile Low-Code software development by providing ready-made components. This allows us, together with the customer, to find tailored solutions more quickly and efficiently”, says Tomi Leppälahti, Fluentia CTO.

In this comprehensive data management project, the data model and storage were implemented in Microsoft Dataverse. The internal management interface was developed using Microsoft Power Apps, and a custom solution leveraging React and Node.js technologies was created for an external portal for collecting information from partners. Microsoft Power Automate scripts were employed for automations, and Microsoft Power BI was used for reporting and implementing real-time dashboards

"Collaboration with Fluentia has been effortless and fluent, and we are truly satisfied with the development work and the user experience of our new tool. The new system is modern, user-friendly, and enables efficient data collection, business monitoring, and statutory reporting more reliably, centrally, and with reduced human dependency. Our successful collaboration with Fluentia continues with Fluentia Care maintenance services," says Janne Väänänen, Finance Manager, FPP.

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