Fluentia, Health care

Fluentia, Health care

Fluentia as a healthcare developer – welcome as a customer!

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals need better and easier to use software and solutions. Fluentia and Fluentia's customers know what works in healthcare, and together we create new solutions for future needs.

The healthcare sector is under constant transformation, as for example now as the wellbeing services counties have started their operations in Finland. There is a huge need to renew working methods and, in particular, to develop software and utilize data in various companies and public units in the sector.

Well-designed and easy-to-use software and utilization of data in various processes save financial resources, and time and effort of healthcare personnel. Efficiency and adding meaningfulness to daily tasks is often on the wish list for application and software development – as well as more successful customer encounters and treatment processes.

Health care concerns and interests the majority of the population in one way or another. Fluentia is also doing its part and making future healthcare even better.

Fluentia's comprehensive know-how in the healthcare sector

Fluentia and Fluentia's customers know from experience what the solution needs in the healthcare sector are. Today, the solutions created and implemented by Fluentia are used in many different healthcare units and companies.

The healthcare sector is also sometimes slowed down by various systems in parallel use, into which, for example, collected data has to be entered several times. Fluentia, together with its customers, implements various intelligent automations and system integrations that reduce manual work.

In the industry, there is a desire to use data more efficiently to more easily identify areas for improvement and monitor the state of operations. Various new reporting and visualization tools are needed.

In data automation, management, and visualization, Fluentia has assisted, among others, the Espoo City outpatient care. The result was a partial transition away from manual processes and a new dashboard, from which employees in various roles can quickly obtain the information they need at a glance.

New software solutions are also utilized in communication and data collection. Terveyden Tuottajat Oy needed an intranet solution that would help the company's doctors stay better informed about everyday activities. In the solution implemented by Fluentia, ease of use played a key role, as the valuable time of doctors was not to be spent learning or using a complex system. The project and cooperation went so well that Fluentia was also asked to take care of the maintenance and small-scale development of the system.

Healthcare developer Medielli Oy is one of Fluentia's partners. Together with management consulting company Medielli, Fluentia has created process changes, data visualization and better reporting opportunities for joint customers to develop their business processes.

Fluentia was also involved in developing the services of Mediconsult, a provider of healthcare applications. Mediconsult had a need for integration expertise, which is one of Fluentia's strengths. Together with Mediconsult's own team, we implemented integration services in a year-long project.

Health Connector Group HCG Oy has been familiar to Fluentia for years. Health Connector Group HCG Oy develops flexibly designed service platforms for companies in the social, health and wellbeing sectors as well as for public and third sector operators. The platform solutions are suitable for both in-house service production and multi-provider control. Fluentia is responsible for the maintenance and further development of HCG's service platform.

Fluentia also acts as a reliable administrator and developer of its other customers' systems. Continuous maintenance measures prevent downtime at critical moments, for example. Other common denominators in Fluentia's customer projects have included:

- more efficient use of data

- utilization of intelligent automation and various platforms

- digitalization of manual processes

- increasing transparency and ease of use

Customers can use, for example, the saved working time to develop their other operations.

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