Information is power – this is how TerraWise utilizes their data with Fluentia’s help

The land and infrastructure construction company TerraWise invests in work planning and up-to-date quality management in its operations, both of which require a lot of data. However, since they weren't able to fully utilize the collected data, TerraWise partnered with Fluentia to develop a new data management tool.

When TerraWise Oy tried to utilize all the construction site and financial management data they had collected, they realized that the financial management system was inadequate. Data could not be shaped into forms that could be used for business planning and optimization.

"We wanted to get more out of project financial management. The information should be easily accessible to all those who need it in their work, and it should be possible to visualize it so that we can carry out better monitoring", says Antti Matikainen, TerraWise Development Manager.

Data enables cost-efficiency and better decisions

Software expert company Fluentia joined the project, and data architect Tomi and data specialist Joonas started their work by sketching a new data model for TerraWise. Data had to be made available from Lemonsoft's ERP system for more versatile use. The project also leveraged Azure cloud services and traditional SQL.

The end result was a data warehouse and Microsoft Power BI based reporting. It is used by TerraWise's top and middle management as well as site managers, allowing the data to be utilized in various everyday tasks.

Financial figures of projects can be monitored in real-time, and data can be visualized in different formats. It is also easy to delve into small data segments, such as the implementation of a specific construction site.

"Power BI is now our tool for utilizing data. It allows us to solve problems when they arise. We are also aiming for cost savings in the future", Matikainen says.

A vast amount of existing data has now been obtained for concrete support indecision-making.

Active communication as a guarantee of success

Successful cooperation is one of TerraWise's core values, and Fluentia has also invested in smooth cooperation. According to Matikainen, the joint project went really well overall.

Matikainen is particularly pleased with how quickly the Fluentians could be reached during the project. On a practical level, everything went smoothly even when software development was at its busiest.

"We try to communicate with a low threshold. The TerraWise employees involved in the project were also very proactive themselves", Joonas praises.

Although the project has been successfully completed for now, the work will continue far into the future. There will certainly be new use cases for data to enable entirely new competitive advantages.

Fluentia is also satisfied not only with the excellent cooperation, but also with what was achieved in the project.

"The most important thing for us is that our customers gain business benefits with our help", says Timo Helppi, Head of Sales.
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